Windows 12 Lite Linux Download ISO 64 bit File Free

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Windows 12 Lite Linux Download ISO 64 bit File Free

Download Windows 12 Lite Linux ISO 64 bit File Free: Windows 12 Lite is released, a new version of the Windows series is released. Is it frightening, people who don’t understand the situation think it is true. In fact, this name is completely different from what you think. This is not a Windows series system, you have to think more. This is based on Linux Lite 4.8 of the Linux operating system , Windows 10 uses a flat wallpaper and icon pack. Disks with the Windows 12 Lite distribution are sold on market disruptions in the UK and several other countries – these are self-made CDRs in envelopes with carelessly printed printing. The booklet attached to the disk indicates that Windows 12 Lite can be launched on a computer in parallel with Windows 7 or Windows 10. The operating system boots in 15 seconds and supports Nvidea drivers therefore it is suitable for games. To install Windows 12 Lite, you do not need a license or activation key, the OS is free, and it can be installed on any number of computers. 

windows 12 lite

It is emphasized separately that it does not contain ads and viruses, does not transfer data to Microsoft, and does not interrupt work to install the update. Moreover, it supposedly runs three times faster than Windows 10. A Linux distribution created on the basis of LiteOS with wallpapers from Windows 10 is recorded on the Windows 12 Lite disc. Most likely, Microsoft will have complaints against the developers of this OS about the name and use of wallpaper, but taking into account the fact they do not sell licenses; the punishment may not be so severe. It is possible that the discs are sold by those who are in no way connected with Windows 12 Lite, but only decided to make money on the well-known Windows brand.

Windows 12 lite Upgrade NOW

Windows 12 Lite is a curious development that has been found at a local computer fair by a Reddit reader and is offered in an optical medium ready to install for $ 15. According to the image, this operating system promises perfect updates that will not produce errors or delays in the workflow; It is immune to viruses and ransom ware, and can run alongside Windows 7 or 10. It is three times faster than Windows 10; it is delivered with a set of preinstalled applications and more than 80,000 additional ones can be added through the software manager. It is also ideal for players for their access to Steam and NVIDIA drivers. ”You do not need a license or activation key, you are the owner of the software, Microsoft does not spy on you either!” And you will have a great help in its forum “, they conclude from the promotion of this Windows 12 Lite. A Windows with all that? Sounds too good to be true. You will not be surprised to know that this is not Windows, but an Ubuntu-based Linux Lite with an xfce desktop environment and a Windows 10 theme to make the operating system seem more familiar to users migrating from Windows.

windows 12 lite download

Windows 12 lite linux Download

We do not know who is behind this development or its code, so better avoid it . There are official GNU / Linux distributions ideal as an alternative to Windows 10 and also to Windows 7 before the end of their technical support. Or the possibility of installing Linux with Windows and take advantage of the best of both worlds. Will Microsoft produce the official open source Windows?  Microsoft maintains many  public open source projects  related to Windows, from controllers, development or learning machines. There is also a “container” project that is supposed to be the key to running Win32 applications on new versions of the operating system that are underway such as Windows Core OS. Remember that Microsoft has already produced  Linux distributions with the Azure Stack OS and the addition of Open Source components to Windows is an approach that seems unstoppable for the future. But no, this Windows 12 Lite is not the free Windows we are waiting for.

Windows 12 Lite ISO DVD

Not an operating system from Microsoft, Linux-based Windows 12 Lite developed by a Reddit member may be the operating system many people are looking for. According to Betanews , the content of the information shows that the operating system promises not to bring unpleasant updates when users are performing, immune to viruses and ransomware as well as allowing to run with Windows 7. mixed 10. In particular, Windows 12 Lite is said to be 3 times faster than Windows 10, comes with a built-in program as well as allowing users to add more than 80,000 other software through the software manager. Users will not be required for a license or activation key, nor can Microsoft snoop on them. As mentioned, this is not an official operating system from Microsoft , instead Windows 12 Lite is based on the Linux Lite 4.8 LTS version with Windows 10 wallpapers and icons based on a flat philosophy. There is a note that Windows 12 Lite is not available for download, but users need to buy a DVD containing its installation for £ 15 on the operating system’s official website here. Additionally, users can purchase the installation via USB on Amazon. Unknowns released discs with an operating system called Windows 12 Lite. It is not related to Microsoft, but something still connects it with Windows.
Obviously, despite Microsoft’s “love” for free software and specifically for Linux in recent years, it is not a development that comes from Redmond and we do not know what the software giant will have to say about the use of the official Windows theme 10 and the trademark to sell this Completing the rest of the curiosities of this Windows 12 Lite, the website where it is promoted is simply horrible. 

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Windows 12 Lite dvd Price

It seems one of those sites that enthusiasts created in the 90s … And no, there is no free software download. It is only distributed on DVD under payment of $ 15. Disks with the Windows 12 Lite distribution are sold on market disruptions in the UK and several other countries – these are self-made CDRs in envelopes with carelessly printed printing. The booklet attached to the disk indicates that Windows 12 Lite can be launched on a computer in parallel with Windows 7 or Windows 10. The operating system boots in 15 seconds and supports Nvidea drivers (probably, Nvidia is meant), therefore it is suitable for games. To install Windows 12 Lite, you do not need a license or activation key, the OS is free, and it can be installed on any number of computers. It is emphasized separately that it does not contain ads and viruses, does not transfer data to Microsoft, and does not interrupt work to install the update. Moreover, it supposedly runs three times faster than Windows 10. Against the background of the discontinuation of Windows 7, many development teams began to  offer  their own alternative. And the creators of Linux Lite decided to play everyone. They launched a  site that seems to have come straight from the Web 1.0 era. But much more interesting is that it presents an operating system called Windows 12 Lite. The novelty is not related to Microsoft and is positioned as simpler and faster than Windows 10. Of course, this is just a Linux distribution with the design “under the top ten.” However, the idea itself seems rather unusual. A photo with installation disks of a non-existent OS has already appeared on Reddit. Non-existent, since you cannot download an ISO image from a site. It remains only to admire the screenshots and nostalgia. The developers claim that Windows 12 Lite will not require a reboot during operation, it is not afraid of viruses, and there is no need to pay for it. Finally, it is simply faster than the original Windows 10. And although this is only a rally, it must be said that the creators organized it in a rather original way. Windows 7, 8 , and then Tens suddenly appeared . Microsoft decided to skip the number 9 and jump straight to Windows 10.

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From now on, it is Microsoft’s basic system that dominates the PC market. Changes are on the horizon, and the first step to evolution will be Windows 10X. However, these are still Tens. One of the Reddit users found a surprising thing at a certain marketplace. There you can buy a CD from Windows 12 Lite . At various computer fairs an operating system called Windows 12 Lite is currently being sold, which is advertised with some very interesting promises. The system is three times faster than Windows 10, it is immune to ransomware and viruses, contains no advertising from Microsoft and updates would never interrupt the user’s work. If you look at the CDs and advertising texts, of course, you quickly notice that this is not official packaging material. In fact, this is not even a Microsoft product, because Windows 12 Lite is sold as a variant of the Linux distribution LiteOS. One can hardly speak of a variant, however, because the operating system is mainly delivered with the change of the standard background. The marketing campaign seems to have been successful because the distribution of the system at computer fairs has caused international media attention thanks to reddit. At Microsoft, however, you won’t be very happy that the patented brand name “Windows” (Windows) is used together with the wallpaper. At a local fair, hexsayeed saw a Windows 12 Lite installation DVD and a description and had to laugh out loud. I also had to smile. But the idea behind it is not that bad.

Windows 12 lite Linux OS

Is it a great secret that Microsoft decided to release another system, jump over one number again, and choose the only distributor from the apparently Chinese marketplace as the sole distributor? Of course not. After a quick analysis, it turned out that this is simply a Linux distribution offered with Windows 10 wallpaper as standard. According to assurances, this will be a great option for Windows 7 users who are looking for an alternative. The fact that Microsoft has absolutely nothing to do with this extremely “interesting” idea is unlikely to mention. I do not expect that this noble project will live long, because the Microsoft legal department will be launched immediately and will probably end this ambitious deal quickly. It cannot be hidden that the use of such distribution can be associated with considerable risk and is not worth trusting. If you really want to change to Linux, there are really legal and trustworthy alternatives. From Ubuntu, through Mint, to Zorin OS, which in many ways resembles Windows 10. Because you have nothing more than a Linux system packaged in Windows. The Linux Lite OS “Lite 4.8 LTS”. On the website itself, it is described in the heading as follows: “Installing Windows 12 Lite 4.8 and Creating Windows 12”. It also shows in simple steps how to install the Linux OS and how Windows can look. Simply saying: “Switch to Linux if you don’t like Windows 10,” is a deterrent to many. But to call it Windows 12 and then to back it up with pictures will certainly attract more curiosity. I find a funny thing that I didn’t want to keep from you. If the Redmond team gets it, the site is sure to get into trouble. Because Windows is a protected name. But for the moment we have something to smile about.

Windows 12 Lite Operating system

Although Windows 10 has been released for some years, the word of mouth of this version is not good, mainly because there are many compatibility problems and problems with each update. However, this version is still the most popular operating system in the current desktop environment, and it is not easy for many users to choose another operating system. Under this special condition, a foreign website claims to have developed a lightweight version of Windows 12 Lite, and promises to provide all security maintenance, etc. for this version. However, this operating system was not developed by Microsoft. Although it looks similar to Windows 10 in appearance, Microsoft has not redeveloped a new operating system A promotional slogan printed by its manufacturer on a physical disc states that no upgrades are needed at any time you want to work, and there are no update failures. Obviously, this maker is ironic about various problems caused by the forced upgrade of Microsoft, and it has to be said that the operating system is quite interesting from the slogan. For non-professional users, seeing this slogan and name may think that this is a new operating system developed by Microsoft, but the system is actually not related to Microsoft. Upon inquiry, we found that Windows 12 version seems to be developed based on Linux , just customize the theme and use Windows 10 default wallpaper.

windows 12 lite dvd

And the flat icons that are also used in desktop icons look more like Windows 10 systems. As for software, you can only use Linux software. By now you should understand that this operating system has nothing to do with Microsoft, but has used Microsoft and Windows related trademarks many times in printing and publicity. Therefore, if there is no accident, Microsoft’s legal department should be dispatched soon. Microsoft will not relent against such blatant irony and trademark infringement. Of course, from the manufacturer’s point of view, they know that there is infringement when developing this operating system. Perhaps the development of Windows 12 was just a joke.

Windows 12 Lite is discovered.

Microsoft has switched to adopting Linux and open source software, acquiring github, changing the calculator application to an open source project, preparing a Linux terminal as an option for Windows 10, and developing a Linux kernel . He analyzed that the OS seemed to decorate the xfce desktop environment with a Windows 10 theme with Ubuntu-based Linux Lite. Certainly those who are familiar with the OS provided by Microsoft are likely to migrate. Liliputting visited the development team’s website and found that there was no way to buy an operating system in 1990s style web design.

Let’s take a closer look at this Windows 12 Lite system.

Windows 12 Lite’s website description states that it perfectly solves all the problems in poor Windows 10, is a superb operating system, the desktop is better than Windows 10 in all aspects, can perfectly replace Windows 10, and of course it can also start up. In the Windows 12 Lite slogan, a series of satires on Windows 10 were also made. I don’t know what Microsoft thinks, and it may not be too rare to ignore these satires:

  • No unwanted update patches, no upgrade failures, and no pressure on you to buy more versions
  • No virus or extortion software, natural immunity
  • Dual-boot operation with Windows 7/10, free copying and editing of files
  • Starts up to three times faster than Windows 10 and takes about 10 seconds
  • Comes with a lot of the best software, more than 80,000 models are available in the software manager
  • Perfect support for Steam / NVIDIA graphics cards, and still play games
  • No authorization, no activation required, casual installation, data will not be stolen by Microsoft
  • No Microsoft advertising…

As far as the name of Windows 12 Lite is concerned, I personally think that it is a bit of suspected speculation, and Microsoft was really taken aback.

Windows 12 Lite 4.8 VS Linux Lite 4.8

  • Windows 12 Lite is essentially Linux Lite, you can think so. However, they are also slightly different. I personally think that the differences are mainly the following two points:
  • Windows 12 Lite 4.8 is a Linux distribution for sale, and Linux Lite 4.8 is available for free download.
  • Windows 12 Lite 4.8 customizes some Windows 10 wallpapers and icons and guides users to set them up more like Windows 10.
  • Windows 12 Lite 4.8 (Microsoft) Windows is too obvious and publicity may be suspected of infringement.
  • In general, Windows 12 Lite 4.8 is not much better than Linux Lite 4.8. Individuals can completely customize it by installing themes, setting wallpapers, and adjusting styles.

How to customize a Windows 12 lite Linux distribution

windows 12 lite iso

Linux distributions can be installed to install different themes to make the system look more beautiful, useful and beautiful. Therefore, the Linux distribution is more customized and more suitable for “toss”. You can beautify the Linux system like Mac OS, or beautify the Linux system like Windows. You can even beautify the Linux system into a personalized system that suits you. This one looks more like Windows 10 than Windows Lite 12. This one uses Windows 10 Light Theme . If you are a Windows 7 user and want to change to Linux in the future, you may try Windows 12 Lite, Linux Lite . If you are a Linux enthusiast and use Ubuntu or Linux Mint system and also like Windows theme, you may wish to try Windows 10 Light Theme theme to make your Linux look more like Windows desktop. If you want to learn more about the use of commands in Linux, you can download the Linux command Chinese manual, follow me, and reply to “command” in the public account to download.


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